Fairy's Way

My right eye is bleeding and my left is black,
My front is blue and purple, red and bloody is my back.

Yet I lay down at night and let the sandman take me away,
And fall into a wholesome dream of a place called fairy's way,

Where all is safe and all is loved,
Where lime green flowers with sun kissed petals grow high above,

Where horses of purest white and gold dwell on evergreen tracks,
Where sky blue water cures all pain and is scented with the loveliest Lilacs,

So, Before I dream each night I pray,
That I may stay there forever and not wake the next day,

One night as I lay deepest in rest and dreamed away,
I never woke up to see the next painful day,

I swam with fish in the sky waters and climb the tree's in the evergreen glade,
I rejoiced with the horses of the forest tracks and watch the orange sun of the mauve sky fade.

I danced with the folk free of scoldings and pain,
And gave greatest thanks to thy lord, I never had to leave again.


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