Nick and Julie are best friends. They always see each other on the train.
They hopped on the train at Wickall and sat down and the train started ‘click, clack, click, clack’. They sat together all the time.
They went past the chocolate factory on Dinosaur Street. Around the corner and over Sugarbin Road the train broke down but they were at Holasllo Station not far from work. Julie loved Nick's hair style. He had black hair with a bit of red hair.
Next day, Julie didn't catch the train. She took the car. Her car is as green as lush green grass. Nick was really worried.
Fearfully, he rang Julie to see how Julie was.
"Hello" said Nick shivering.
"Hi" said Julie.
"How are you going?" said Nick.
"Good" said Julie.
"Why aren't you catching the train" Nick said.
"Because I'm afraid the train will break down again" said Julie.
Nick was so happy; like a glow worm who didn't glow then got his wish.
They lived happily ever after.
The End