I don’t know what happened. One minute I was dancing in a bar with all my Balinese friends having the time of my life and the next minute I was in hospital just come out of a coma. “My hands hurt when I move” I say. One of the nurses tells me that’s not all…my whole body is covered in a corse cream bandage. “What happened?” I ask. “You were in an accident”. That is all I remember because I have gone somewhere where know one can follow me. Into the past.

It is Tuesday and I am walking into the bar of a small Bali town. The time is 6:00, just on time for our booking. I walk in feeling very important because I have just published my first book .I am a writer and I write novels about tragedies and things that have happened that are bad.
My first book is called “Excuse me” and on the front cover there is a picture of a dented car. We take our table and my boyfriend Ra and I sit together. The party is also a celebration of our engagement and we are to be married next week. The day has not been set yet but we are thinking it to be a Sunday. We order food and wine for the party.
After dinner we head for the dance floor. It is alight with many bright colours and they are all flashing to different beats. We dance and dance having so much fun. Then it happened. A huge blast comes and knocks me off my feet, throwing me across the room. I hit a wall and slide down blood trickling into my mouth…

Back at the hospital, Nurses and Doctors rushed around the machines beeping cries of help, but there was nothing that could be done. All the machines fell silent and her face was covered with a white sheet. The doctors and nurses took of their hats and stood solemnly. She had gone with Ra and they were to be married at the gates of heaven.