Dark Creature

It arrives riding on the sadness, raising it until people fill
A horrible creature that only comes from where people stood.
It kills children and stops successful people doing what they would.
This creature that comes from the dark with only one thought, which is kill.
This creature that only appears when people begin to cry with total sadness.
Only hunts when people are filled with a deep despair that never parts.
This creature that’s never seen, that strikes people in their hearts.
It comes and it takes lives. It goes and it leaves behind lives; a mess.
A creature made by humans, a creature that is un-loved.
The creature all know about but say its name in different ways.
This creature destroys so many families, takes so many days.
Has no mercy for people whose hearts are pushed and shoved
This creature leaves when the mind is free; the creature from the dark side.
It leaves and the person can never be put on one of its shelves.
This creature made by humans and used to kill themselves.
This creature called suicide.


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