My Silver Place

Finalist in the 'World of Words 2009' competition

A lily littering the woven threads of softy grown fresh leaves,
Coarse textures of indented bark gently covering the skin of waving trees,
Scarlet horizons emanating rippling currents of golden hazy light washing the sky,
Rising currents caressing the lips of glassy water stroking the shore like a lover’s touch,
Grass stirring gently through light coats of frosty snow’s pale face,
Dark red loving face gazing down at the delicate complexion of the snow’s imploring stare,
Birds enchanting calls immersing itself through the echoing music around,
Classical dancing roses intermingled in greenery,
Moving through footsteps non-existent in time’s sweet grace,
Cocooned eyes welcoming the sight of life’s breath,
Magic pulsing beneath fingers of silver wisp inhaling the dream,
Pulled away and blanketed by soft veils of the earth’s ears,
Footsteps rejoicing to the response of crackling twigs destiny fulfilled,
Silver dust gliding through the air and carving tapestry amongst air,
Final moments lingering in memory of a hand pulled away,
Whisked away by shimmering hands of conscience,
My eyes shut to the glare as I fall back and leave it all behind.


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