Void Of Nothingness

As I stare into the light above nothingness I see your face.
I feel the yearning pull me towards you but a loss is pulling me into the black hole that is the void in my heart.
My mind.
I miss you but you left me.
I still loved you but you had no choice.
The void is where you once were only the true one can fill it again, you where that one but you’re now gone and the void was torn open as you left.
It sucks me inwards constantly pulling me down.
Down into the blackness as if pulling me into it will help.
That when I finally hit the bottom I will not hurt but there will never be a bottom it is endless until the hole is filled and I will finally be happy.
Happy enough to smile at my family, to talk to my friends.
To stop the endless nightmares.
I hope that the void will close soon I can’t bare to live with it.
It is the Void of Nothingness.



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