Rabbit Proof Fence: Stolen

Forever More

The wind is warm,
The sun at its peak.
I look up and see the Spirit Eagle, dancing around the orb of light.
Nothing can take this feeling of utter happiness from my memories.
Forever More

A rumble and choke fills the air.
I look up but can not see, blinded by the suns glare.
A sound both familiar and unknown,
A sound that pulses through my bones.
I look away, continue to play,
Not knowing the terror that is to come.
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Mother looks worried,
I do not know why.
The rumble getting louder ever louder.
I begin to see a black object upon the horizon,
Coming closer, closer, ever closer.
It is the dreaded black beast driven by the ghost men.
Their pale skin is what drives the nightmares of my people.
I feel a terror deeper than my soul,
These are the child snatchers, come to take me away,
Take me far, far away to be like them.
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I can not move,
Legs plastered to the red dirt.
I can not see,
Eyes tight shut.
I can not feel,
The tension, sadness, anger floating in the air.
A distant voice says to run.
I wake,
I move,
I see,
I feel,
I run.
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With the young ones in toe,
I run.
I do not realize that the black beast is faster.
It catches up to me.
Ghost men get out.
They take the young ones.
I scream and kick,
Furious with myself.
The young ones are my responsibility.
Mother fighting with the ghost men,
Screaming, crying,
Pain on her face,
Her babies are being stolen,
Taken far and wide,
To learn the ways of their captors.
Forever More

By Reyhan Lange-Kapancioglu


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