Harry The Hunter

One day harry the hunter decided to go on a huting trip he had been planing it now for two weeks the things he had to pack was a sleeping bag, a rifle, some cutlery, a few drinks and some snacks. Harry had to ask around for places to go and one fella said''yeah you can have my place for the week end'' he then explained where it was and how to get there.

So harry set of on his hunting trip at dunnydoo. When harry finaly arrived he unpacked and set of hunting the first thing that harry saw out there were a mob [group] of kangaroos but that wasn't what harry wanted he wanted a pig or a deer but he couldn't get a deer because they were all shot out.Harry had been out for at least two hours and still didn't see a thing but then harry finally spoted a feral pig with her piglets now harry new that feral pigs are very dangerous and that they do alot of damage to native wildlife. So harry tried creeping up on the pigs but the mum saw him and started to charge at him so then farry ran for his life.

Harry did safely make it back to camp but didn't get what he was looking for.Harry then ate some dinner and went to sleep for the night now what harry didn't know is thatthe feral pigs came and ate all his food and wreked his camp so harry woke up in the morning feeling a bi hungry harry looked for tuker bag but couldn't find it then his seen the bag ripped up and pig tracks now harry knew tht if he didn't find food fast he would starve.

So harry picked up his rifle and set of to find a pig and started to try and find a pig two hours passed and he still didn't find a pig but he had stumbled upon pig tracks so he knew he was going in the right track. Harry then found some feral pigs and decided to shoot the pig but the pig was smart and started to charge at him harry knew hw wouldn't make it back to camp so he climbed up the nearest tree hopin that the pig would go away but it surprisingly didn't it keept on charging at the tree.

Harry thought the pig would never stop but it got tired and decided to stop so harry quikly got down from the tree and ran off back to camp he then packed everything up and started to travell home when he arrived home and said thank you to the person and said that ''i will never go shooting alone or to someones property i don't know.

the end


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