Gang Gangs

I sat at the foot of a hill, the cool breeze lifted my hot sweaty hair off my face, I now understand what the gang gangs talk of, this is the boundaries of mankind, stress, pollution. This is freedom is, beauty lives here.

As I looked on I saw the picture was complete. The mountains, the mist floating just above the soft damp ground the tree tops displaying their spring time followers for all to see. A wallaby lipped the soft thick green grass. Suddenly my heart skipped a beat, with a jet black mane and tail, a noble head and soft yet alert eyes. The mist seemed to dance around her magically, mistily, graciously.

The soft pad of her hooves came towards me we shared a language without words. The shape or this mare struck me; it just seemed natural. Then I gasped out from behind her stepped a foal, unlike his mother he was a liver chestnut with a white blaze and four white socks.

I knew truly now I was a part of this world. I felt like I had been accepted into an entirely different universe, which I had indeed I had.

As the years went by I had come up with names for the two horses, the black mare duchess and the liver chestnut thrawa who was indeed a proud stallion which had fathered many foals.

So when you hear the gang gangs talk, listen you’ll be glad you did.

By Molly Allen
12 Years Old
Year 6

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