Sad Story.

Let me tell you a story from a long time ago
It's about my mummy and daddy, how I loved them so.
But they always use to scream and shout
It made me cry, I wanted out.
One night daddy came home drunk
And there was no way to cheer him up
he locks his bedroom door with my mother still inside
He scared me when he was like this
I just wanted to hide.
I waited for it then I heard him yell
"Shes not worth it, kick her out."
They're talking about me, I can tell.
Mum yells "No! She's a good girl!"
The door opens my mother tries to run
She warns me "leave you father has a gun!"
He pulled her back in I see her hit he head
And I was certain my mother was dead.
I could hear nothing but my dad crying
The sheer guilt.. my mother dying
I hear a shot fired, everything goes silent.
I re-open the door, lose my balance and fall to the floor.
I start to cry, and I wipe the tears from my eyes.
I look around the room & realise that my subconcious nightmares have come true.