La La Land

Luke Walker is a 14 year old teenager who is always sad. Some children call him ‘Saddo’ because he never smiles. Then one day the king came to his village and sent him away to La La Land. At La La Land the guards made him work in the dungeons for 3 months and after that they locked him up in there. After 2 weeks he escaped while the guard opened the dungeon door to give him some lunch. Luke was really glad to have some fresh air but he didn’t have time to stop. The guards were after him so he ran as fast as he could to the La La Land Restaurant. But they caught up with him so he ran to the La La Shopping Mall. But it was closed. Now he had no choice but to run to the spooky forest. But just then the king landed in his royal aeroplane. He said that he was sorry for sending him to La La Land. Then the king took Luke back home to his village. Luke was never sad again and he was never called ‘Saddo’ again and he lived happily with his mother.

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