I Can Do It!

lucy was a little girl who grew up on a farm with her mum, dad and brother. she went to an average school with average subjects, and nothing in lucy's life was ever really exciting. except this day may the 9th 1997, she was 12 years old, in the senior part of the school. she worked for her parents for a monthly wage of $120. that was quit a lot for a girl her age. anyway on this exciting day many things happend. her crush asked her out, she was treated like the queen bee and the best part was the letter sent home. the letter read: ' dear parents,
this note is to inform you about the year seven trip coming up in 2 months.
it will cost $825. if your child is able to come please enclose the correct amount in an envelope and send it to the office. all payments must be made in one month. yours sincerly the deputy principle of nowhere state school.'
"so can i go" lucy asked her parents. "sorry lucy but we cant afford it even if it was cheaper, right now we really cant". sad,lucy headed outside to do her daily jobs. the next day at school all of lucy's friends were so excited about the trip. they asked lucy why she couldnt go. lucy told them the reasson and sunny her best friend said " why dont you work for the mony, and do extra chores". lucy said that it was a great idea and ran home to tell her parents. her parents said that it was a great idea . lucy started her extra chores that afternoon. of course she didnt finish them all untill it was almost dinner time, but nothing could take her mind off the thought of the school trip. it had been three months when she had saved up enough to pay for it. she took it into school and that was it, she had done it she got the money she needed by working and not by nagging her parents. soon enough the day came and she was all set. she met her friends at school and off they went.so next time your worried because you dont think you will acheive what you want. think outside the square and just say to yourself you can do it.