Da Huuudge


Hudge and Padge, two homeless orphans are walking up an ancient mountain with Hudge’s best friend Aiden when suddenly…”Hudge, I’m bored, this is boring, and you’re boring, dull and depressing.” Padge Whined. “Come on Padge, Hudge told me there’s a surprise at the top.” Aiden said. “Well, it better be worth it. I was just about to play ‘super smash bros brawl’ with my pals from school.” Padge replied. As they were walking up the mountain side, the view becomes clear as they reach the top. “Look at this beauty!” Hudge exclaimed. “Whoa dude! A volcano!” Aiden replied. “Wow, a volcano (eyelids lower) sooo interesting.) Padge replied sarcastically. Aiden steps closer to the volcano “Look! I’m closer than yoooou!” Aiden teased. Hudge walks even closer “Ha-ha! I’m even loser than yoooou!” Hudge contradicts. “STOP IT YOU TWO!” Padge yells. As Padge tries to push Hudge and Aiden away, they struggle vigorously and suddenly, “WAAAAA!!! I’M FALLING!!!” screams Padge as he falls into the volcanic crater. “What the?” wondered Aiden. “I’m gonna DIE!!! I’d sell my soul to live forever!!!” Padge screamed in agony as he was falling to his doom inside the volcanic crater. The suddenly… rumble rumble!! The earth starts shaking around the ancient volcano. Aiden peers in to see what’s happening. VROOOSH!!! The volcano erupted!!! “BLARGH!!!” screamed Aiden as his face is being burned off. “NOOO!!! Padge!!! Aiden!!!” Shrieked Hudge. Aiden’s face is severely burned and Hudge rushes him down the mountain. As the volcano settles and the lava is settled in a crater on top of the mountain, Padge emerges from the lava wearing smooth black glasses, white angel wings and chains braided around his arms and legs. He is giving a piercing glare straight at you. “Mwahahahaha!” he snickers as his image flickers to a devilish monster and back again several times. “GrrrRRAHH!!!” He flies at you then the screen goes black.

After the disappearance of Padge, Hudge visits the mountain where the lava has settled in a crater on the volcano. “I’m so sorry Padge! It was all my fault! I shouldn’t have taken you up here!” As Hudge weeps for his brother’s presumed death, Padge levitates out of the lava. “WH…wha?!?” “It’s all right, I’m back!” said Padge with a smirk on his face. “I’m so sorry!” said Hudge as he hugged Padge; although Padge seemed emotionless. “I…is everything alright?” asked Hudge. “I’m fine!” replied Padge. “You look different.” Observed Hudge. “I’m fine, nothing’s wrong with me” Padge replied with irritation. “Are you sure? Is something wrong Padge?” Hudge asked curiously. “NO! Nothing is wrong! I’m fine!” Padge replied angrily. “Something is wrong. Replied Hudge as he backed away. Suddenly Padge’s voice changed “You don’t know me anymore! Your brother is gone!” and in an instant, Padge sprouted his wings and flew away. “NOOO! Come back!” screamed Hudge. Soon after, Aiden rushed over to Hudge, panting and puffing he said “What the Heck just happened?!?” And so, Hudge explained what just happened to Aiden. Weeks later, they decided to go to the city for part time jobs (being 14 year olds), they split their separate ways and never contacted since; but before they left Hudge gave Aiden a memento to remember him by, a grey feather. Hudge is seen walking out of a building in the city with a frown on his face due to another rejected job offer. He is very grey and depressed, so he decides to visit his ‘all night secret gym’ and punch a punching bag to relieve his stress. After a couple of hours, the giant clock in the middle of town rings and signals midnight. Padge decides to go home due to the time and walks out of the gym into the alleyway. The alleyway is ridiculously large and Hudge still looks depressed. As he gets to around midway, taptaptaptaptap! Hudge curiously turns around after hearing footsteps, pauses, and then walks of. Taptaptaptaptap! Hudge turns around one more time after hearing the footsteps behind him; but still nothing is found behind him. Taptaptaptaptap! Hudge swings around with a fist clenched and strikes a mysterious being. It appears that Aiden has been knocked to the ground, dropping several posters. “OMIGOSH! Aiden! Sorry Man! (lol) how ya doing?” said confused Hudge. Aiden stands up, brushes dirt of his chest and snaps his head in place. “Eaww!?!” Says Hudge as he backs away. “Who is this ‘Aiden of who you speak?” replies Aiden as if nothing was wrong. “It’s me Aiden! Hudge! Remember?” asks Hudge. “I must go now.” Replies Aiden then runs off, leaving his posters. Hudge bends down to pick up the posters and sees that they are advertisements for a fighting competition called ‘$mogarl’. ‘The most vicious fighting competition taken place in a city wide metropolis of the city ‘$moGopolis’. It is open for all ages between 15-onwards with a prize of $1000000 and a super secret surprise as well. “Hmm? This sounds interesting; very interesting indeed.” Hudge said curiously. “This could be my big break!” hoped Hudge. “AWW MAN! I’m not old enough though! This isn’t justifiable! I’m stronger than any dang old competitor in this comp!” whined Hudge. “I don’t care! I’ll show them what I’m made of! Even though I’m 14!” believed Hudge. So he took off to the building ‘$moGdor’ even though it was past midnight, to get an application. As he asked for an application, they asked him how old he was; and so, he told them he was 14. They didn’t let him sign up, so he was infuriated with rage and kept asking to join. They decided to let him join only if they where not responsible for any injuries or deaths. So naïve Hudge accepted. The day of the start of the competition brought many competitors of shape and size. There was the stereotypical buff bodybuilder, an old man wearing a robe (very suspicious) and a supernatural pyrokinesis wielder called Spyque who seemed human but with godsend powers. All of these people mocked him with taunts and jabs, but Hudge was better than just thrashing out at them now, so he just stayed calm. These were just a few of the competitors in the competition in which was taking place but none of them knew what was to become of their fate. The presenter was a woman called Nastasia who would be running the competition in a skybox above the arena. The rounds started with Hudge versing the big buff guy ‘Derrek’. Just before the round started, everyone else was placed in holding areas with a TV showing the match, but Hudge and Derrek were inside a massive arena which looked completely empty until…” Challengers! Are you ready?” screamed a voice from several speakers. Then suddenly the arena transformed into a forest. With challenges facing Hudge and all the other competitors, it would pull their nerves and challenge their wits to survive this battle to the death! Match after match, Hudge proved the other competitors not to judge a kid by his size and he ventured throughout the tournament. Levels of extreme challenges came by, but Hudge was already prepared for the inevitable. Nastasia is walking up to a shadowy figure in the sky box telling it of a rising superstar. Much to their distress they prepared their secret weapon... Up until the finals Hudge was succeeding with ease until who should show up? None other than Aiden. “What the..?!?” Flabbergasted Hudge. “Aiden! What are you doing here?” asked Hudge. “I said already, who is this Aiden you speak of?” Aiden distressfully replied. “Oh no! You’re brainwashed!” Flabbergasted Hudge. “Hmmm. Maybe if I just knock you out maybe you won’t be controlled anymore!” said Hudge. “I only serve my master! Who he is is not of your concern.” Replied Aiden. After several severe blows of strength, both competitors seemed evenly matched, and then…” Hey! I’ve got it!” exclaimed Hudge. He concentrated his power and all of a sudden a grey, luminous glow appeared in Aiden’s pants pockets. All negative energy was reflected and destroyed thus returning Aiden’s consciousness. “Wha? What am I doing here?!?” exclaimed Aiden. “Dude, you’re in a fight to the death in a vicious competition!” replied Hudge. “OH NO! Hudge I’ve got to tell you something very, VERY important!” flabbergasted Aiden. “What is it?” asked Hudge. “The person who REALLY is behind this competition is…” “Yes, It is I!” interrupted Padge walking into the arena. “PADGE! What? How? Why?!?” extremely flabbergasted Hudge. “Your brother is no longer of this world.” Said Padge in a different voice. “I am the devil of Jin kazama!” exclaimed the devil. “Do you remember not the incident when your brother fell into the volcano? As he was falling he sold his soul to live forever, and that awakened my spirit inside that dreaded prison of a volcano which your parents placed me in!” explained ‘the devil’. “My, my parents?” asked Hudge in shock. “Yes, those dreaded people locked me away many years ago for constructing a tournament just like this one! It was called Tekken. I was the head of my zaibatzu passed down through generations of hate throughout my family. I wanted to be good, make a change and overpower the devil within me but my bloodline of evil made me no acception. I actually understand evil now and I get joy out pain and destruction. Thus forcing me to a life of evil and being locked away for life. I was outraged at your parents overpowering me, IN MY OWN TOURNAMENT with their secret technique, so before they locked me away. I used the last ounce of my power to curse them, killing them slowly and painfully.” Jin explained so further back it was unnecessary. “This can’t be true!” exclaimed Hudge and Aiden. “Oh but it is. This was all my plan to get back at the family which destroyed mine.” Exclaimed Jin. “So prepare yourself for your DOOM!” explained Jin as Padge’s body mutated into a devilish being with the same costume as Padge but with Horns, claws, a 3rd eye, shades, tail, excess of muscles, fangs, devil wings and a red aura surrounding him. He rushed into the exhausted Hudge and Aiden with great acceleration. They flew in the air to be rushed into again by the devilish Padge. They fell to the floor like mosquitoes to a lamp and landed with a loud thump. As the devilish Padge was suspended in air and laughing, Hudge couldn’t stop the thought of what devil Jin met by his parents’ secret technique, and then…”OMIGOSH!” Hudge thought and pulled himself over to Aiden just barely staying alive and pulls the grey feather from his pocket and crushes it in his palm while holding Aiden and suddenly…VROOSH!!! Hudge and Aiden started hovering around each other then into each other with a luminous flash. “No, NOOO!!! NOT AGAIN!!!” exclaimed devilish Padge. Then out of the flash appeared a being that looked both devilish and holy. Hudge and Aiden had fused together creating a being of immense power. “It’s not over until I say it’s over!” exclaimed the fused being. A fierce battle was fought; telekinetic powers, brute strength and lasers galore were used throughout this battle of legends. In the end, the fused being conquered supreme, leaving Padge’s body left on the floor, and the evil spirit destroyed. The fused being defused and Hudge rushed over to his brother screaming “Somebody call 911!”, so Aiden took out his trusty ‘Motorola Razor V2’ and called for an ambulance.

Da HUUUDGE Epilogue

With the complete outside world unaware of what has been going on Hudge and Aiden were by Padge’s bedside in the hospital. “Padge, I didn’t intend any harm, I hope you’ll pull through. I don’t want to lose you like we lost mum and dad.” Cried Hudge. As the life support stated that Padge’s heart stopped, Hudge shed a single tear out of his emotionless heart which fell onto Padge’s face with a luminous glint the suddenly the life support machine stated life in Padge and Padge’s eye opened. “OMG! Padge!” screamed Hudge “Bro, a…are you alright?” asked Padge “its ok” replied Hudge. “Everything’s back to normal” said Hudge and Padge, Hudge and Aiden all hugged with comfort for each other, then suddenly a red glint appeared in Aiden’s eye followed by an image of the devil.