Dancing Trees

As I sat down on my tyre swing out in Breese forest I could feel the wind rushing past my face. I could hear someone calling me and realised it was my mum sshe wanted me to come in home for dinner. So I ran through the forest andthen straight through widows paddock and straight home. But as soon as I got to the door I told mum that I had left my notebook back in breese forest so I ran straight back through the paddock and back to breeese forest when I got there to my suprise a soft and calming music filled my ears, but the strange thing was that the trees seemed to be dancing. I watched them as they sway to the music in perfect rythm. Then a hush of silence filled the forest and one of the trees spoke and told the trees to listen carefully to the story for which he was about to tell. A long time ago he said in a soft yet but stern and calming voice there was a man his name was fredrick and had a family of a wife and two kids. Now at this time trees could walk and talk just as any living creature, they could sing and dance just about anything if they put their mind to it, but when it reached 7:00pm they will fall into a deep sleep until the sun rose again.Anyway getting back to the story, you see fredrick loved trees he loved it how they were so free, tall and graceful and there was never a sign of hate in his heart about them, I should mention that he loved all liing creatueres but most of all he like trees. But there was one problem and that problem was a man he absolutely hated trees and wished that they were stuck in the ground forever so he went and saught and old woman, who to the townsfolk said she was a witch. So he packed a supplie of lucnch and set of to find the witch. At about the 5:00 in the afternoon he reached with a great big sigh of relief. Then he told her about his problem with trees how they should be stuck in the ground, then the old woman (witch) who still a had a heart said that he has to prove why they should be stuck in the ground in three days. So the man headed off and spent a day making a plan up, he knew that fredrick like trees (well just about everyine did) so he thought that while the trees were in there deep sleep he should cut one tree down so that it falls on fredricks house. So later that day he got his saw and spent and hour cutting a tree so that it went in th direct of charlies house. Then the next day he heard that fredricks family had been seriously injured. So he told the old woman that the tree had not been safely in the ground resulting that it fell down. The old woman still with a heart said to herself that every twice a year will the trees be able to dance and be free. After the story I felt great sorrow for the trees and saldy watched them freeze in a dance of sorrow, and now when you see them blow in the wind hard that they are shaking of fury how they ca never dance and be free.

The End


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