Baby James

On New Years Day 2009 a little baby named James found a bar of solid gold while he was digging at the beach. James had blonde hair, blue eyes and only had one tooth. After a while he went home and when someone saw him with a block of gold it was straight in the newspaper.
The next few days there were people outside their house with cameras and video cameras. They couldn’t even go to the shop without getting videoed.
So one day they ran to the mall and spent all the money buying as many things as they could so nobody would want to video them because they didn’t have any of the money left.
After that everyone went to the beach digging for gold but only some people found gold. After that the beach was all dug up and no one could go to the beach anymore. People who found gold used some of their money to fix the beach.
Soon after that everything was back to normal and everyone lived happily ever after.