Fairy Tale Endings Who Needs Them?

Once upon a time, there was little girl who stopped talking because no one ever
listened to what she said. No one even noticed that she stopped speaking. Her name
was Bobbi-Ann. One day after hearing love songs on the radio, she began to sing.
Beautiful melodic sounds came from her mouth that at one time revealed nothing.
Those who loved her were entranced by her voice and would listen with bated breath
every time she sang. All day and all night she would listen to the music and sing her
songs. Over time, everyone tired of her singing and no one listened any more.
Nevertheless, she sang, completely content that she was singing and no one heard.

Then one day, a queen heard her sing and thought that she had the most beautiful
voice in the world. She asked Bobbi-Ann to come to the castle so that she could learn
all there was to know about music and singing.

Against her mother's wishes, Bobbi-Ann went to the castle. The queen played music
on a piano and asked her which of the songs she wanted to learn to sing. She could
learn any song she wanted, so she could sing before the court and be judged, which
could lead to much fortune and fame - just for singing. This made Bobbi-Ann very
happy - for all she wanted to do was sing.

On her way home from the castle the first day, Bobbi-Ann had to travel through the
mean, dark forest. Wolves, bears and all kinds of wild beasts lived in this forest.
Bobbi-Ann was supposed to wait for the queen's chariot to take her home, but
because it was such a beautiful, warm and sunny day, Bobbi-Ann didn't see the wild
beasts in the forest and decided to walk home. Besides, the little old lady laughed at
Bobbi-Ann when she said she was waiting for the chariot. "You ought to be ashamed
of yourself, you who are so young and healthy have to wait for a chariot when you are
so capable of walking." So, Bobbi-Ann walked.

As she walked further and further into the forest it grew darker and darker Bobbi-Ann became scared, Soon she was running. Evrey noise she heard was Tormenting she didnt know if she was just being parranoid but she thought she heard a horse like the princess horse, Rupert i shouted witch was the princess name. As the horse got louder i became scared it no-longer sounded like Ruperts horse it sounded like.....Brifernt.. the horse that haunts these forests i mean i had heard stories but never would i have bealived it. Bobbie-Ann hid behind a giant oak tree as the horses breath became slower she realised the horse had stopped "SNAP," as Bobbie-Ann trod backward to get out of sight. but it was to lait Brifernt turner his head at began to galop towards Bobbie-Ann. Right now Bobbie-Ann was just screaming for a fairy tale ending the one where the handsome prince rides up on his stalion and saves her, But no she is left there staring down the beast with eyes that looked as if you where falling into them Bobbie-Ann reached out her hand to touch the old batterd horse."PFFFFF," the horse made Bobbie-Ann giggle and Bobbie-Ann realised that fairy tale storys arent really true but evreybody needs something to bealive in Right?!? Bobbie-Ann soon felt comftorbale riding on Brifernt, Legend has it Bobbie-Ann now an old woman still rides him some children even claim to have seen them riding up to the old castle and others say they have heard her sing... but me hey i mean think about it whens the last time a prince on a white stalion has saved you when you were in a crisis..??


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