Dad Is A Man Who...

Dad is a man who owns a farm,
Never wants to cause any harm.
Goes to work day and night,
He snores so loudly, he gives us all a fright!
He loves his dorpers, but NOT the merinos,
because of all the stuff, he knows.
Dad is a man who drives a Ute,
And has a bluey who chews his boot.
Dad is a man who ploughs the farm,
Takes his shirt off so he's burnt on the arm!
Dad’s a very busy man,
Who has a secretary named Pam.
Dad is a man who never stays home,
sometimes has a meeting at the Dome.
Dad is a man, who goes away,
Stays away for at least one day.
Dad is a man who goes to York,
He's a professional who's highly sought!
And this is the end of the poem about dad,
Goodbye for now, I hope I win by just a tad!