Try to ignore it!
I told myself.
But I couldn't.
Somthing wasn't right, I knew it.
A sleep-over with my friend sounded great.
But as we drove up their street all the houses had bars across the curtain-drawed windows on the black houses.
This street had no trees no life.
I got nervouser and nervouser.
But then, out of the shadows, a bright, new snazzy appartment appeard.
"This is it," says Mum. "Are you feeling ok, you don't look it?"
"I'll be fine." I said. I didn't want to act childish.
I walked up the drive and was greeted by my friend.
We walked into the lobby when we were welcomed by a...
Who was he. He had a gruesome smile and horrible eyes.
My friend hurried me along.
"Whos he?"
"Not to worry" Said my friend.
"It's a dark street, but these apartments are very nice.
She did not reply, but gave a strange smile as we entered the lift.
"Hey, do you know what day it is?" I said.


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