Ode To A Scatterbrain

Why, why, why,
Is it?
I do my homework bit by bit
Yet somehow, (much to my delight)
There’s so much left on Sunday night

Why do I so much despise
Trying to get organised?

The sound is loud
The TV’s on
I’m driven mad,
My thoughts are gone

It’s nine o’ clock on Sunday night.
It’s hard to work in this dim light

Why can’t I get organised?
I wouldn’t have to improvise!

I’ll do it later’s what I said
“Oh, no, I’ll do THIS instead”
Your homework?
Don’t worry, it’s all right,
There’s not THAT much left for Sunday night

I’ve got to go to bed
It’s getting later
I bet Jasmine’s score
Will be greater

Why is it I can’t get inspired?
There’s no excuse, I’m not even tired

I have no idea what else to say
Without using some bad cliché
I didn’t know what else to write
On this dawdling Sunday night.