Constable T.Bear Stories

In Yonder there is only one name when it comes to law enforcement, that name is T.M. Elmo. Hello my name is Constable T. Bear. I’m on my way to becoming like Mr. Elmo. I’m starting out like him, a Teddy Officer of Yonder trainer (TOY trainer). The job is as hard as rock, but some one has to do it. Training TOYs or getting mission is no easy task, like on Monday.

I was hot on his heels, we were on the ever-growing Mt. Smelly Pouches, up and up we went. I was sure the care-bear couldn’t get away. Then the care-bear got into a car and sped off. I was so tired but I had to keep going but not for long. The care-bear had rolled his car on a smelly pouch. This particular pouch smelt like rotten cheese, it also had P-U-M-A written on it in big black letters. I cuffed the care-bear and took him back to the station. The care-bear turned out to be the infamous Pink Care-Bear, wanted for pulling the seams out of others and supplying the plastic army men of knowledge on how to use their guns. I asked my boss, T.M. Elmo for a raise or the week off, but he just laugh in my face and reminded me he didn’t become famous for being nice.

I didn’t end up getting a raise, or the week off, but I did end up getting something, another mission. When I caught the PCB, the army men were furious, so there was a rebellion. When I caught the PCB he was only half way through the lessons. So I was in little danger, but for some reason I was still scared. Then I saw the army men. You couldn’t really call it and army, but I was scared all the same. Then I heard the first gunshot, then the second and a third. The plastic army had almost no chance of hitting anyone there was bullets were flying everywhere. Then I heard a blood-curdling scream. The army ceased fire and rushed over to the injured soldier. He had shot himself in the leg. The sight was horrible. This enraged the soldiers. Started shooting like crazy, I was really scared now. I was sure that I would get hit. I couldn’t bear it any longer so I called in reinforcements. Twenty more officers showed up and I felt safer. But I had to get out of there so I ran and ran. Then a very loud shot went off, I heard the scream of P. Bear my best friend. I couldn’t leave him there so I pick him up and carried him. Then I fell to the ground as a hot plastic slug seeped into my leg.

I woke up in a freezing hospital bed, the air smelt of death and soap. My doctor told my I could go home when I felt better, I jumped out of bed and fell down again then I remembered I had got shot. When I arrived home there was a message on the answering machine, Mr. Elmo had another mission for me.

Author: Joseph Penna Age: 12 years
Address: 578 Stone River Road, 4850 Grade: 8

School: Ingham State High School