A Changing Heart

The following poem was inspired by the novel Twilight by Stephanie Meyers:

A changing heart

When you can live forever,
What do you live for?
Her wide chocolate eyes broke my gaze,
I leaned in closer to listen,
But her bright red blush distracted me,
She turned away hiding in her hair,
I felt nothing for it,
She was one of them,
A human,
Everything about her screamed breakable.

A breeze blew her scent in my direction,
She was irresistible,
In all my existence I had never smelled something so sweet,
La tua cantante,
She eased into her seat, using her hair as a curtain,
Taunting the monster,
Her blood sang for me,
Hatred filled my body,
I trembled with anger,
My fingers moulded into the desk,
Why had she come,
Why now?
I fled from the school as soon as the others were in the car,
I had to get away,
I had to run.

I felt the danger,
I felt the fear,
All I could think about was her warm breath,
Her heartbeat,
Her scent,
And those eyes;
I think I’m in love,
I felt like shielding her from the others,
Their minds were so different to their faces,
Their actions so different to their thoughts,
They were all fixated on the new girl.
I walked into the class as soon as everybody had settled in,
I greeted her and smiled,
Her shocked expression amused me,
Was my reaction to her really that bad?
We carried on with the assessment,
She flinched at my icy touch,
I avoided touching her hand again.

I kept my gaze on her face,
The occasional blush,
Her hesitating eyes,
Would she fit into my world?
A world of horror, threat and nightmares,
The world of nightmares,
She was like a furious kitten, soft and harmless,
She was so unaware of her vulnerability.

I knew it was wrong to want her,
But my stone heart felt warmth when I saw her,
My indulgence was hazardous,
I had meddled with things that should be left alone,
I had coveted,
I had lied,
My life was full of sin,
But then why did she glance at me with such admiration,
Why did her heart pound like a drum when I came close?
Did she feel the same way?

We talked about a lot of things,
She asked all of the questions,
I answered most,
But some were unexplainable,
I had saved her from a lot of calamities,
Lots of trouble,
She was a magnet for danger,
Getting squished by cars and attracting strangers,
Her number was up from the day she met me,
Her theories were getting more and more accurate,
So I revealed myself,
Letting her decide what she wanted,
I was still waiting for her to go,
Running and screaming,
But she stayed,
Her eyes filled with affection.

And so the lion fell in love with the lamb,
She was mine,
It was wrong,
But I was too selfish to realise,
That she was too precious to destroy like this,
I couldn’t tear myself away from her,
I had never felt like this,
Jealousy ran through my veins,
When she talked to someone else,
Especially that one boy.

She craved to be what I was,
Not human,
Not safe,
She thought two people together should be equal,
So eager for eternal damnation,
My world was not for her,
I wasn’t part of a fairytale,
This life was not something I intended to inflict on her,
I would be there for her,
For life,
But I couldn’t make her,
My love,
Part of this life,
She was too valuable to mess with.

She frequently amused me,
With comments and questions,
Did I dazzle people?
I grinned so wide,
That my neighbour flinched and sank into his chair,
I hadn’t completely lost my touch then.

I spent all of my nights with her,
My sleepless nights, that drifted away before morning came,
And the sun rose into the sky another day of eternity,
Waiting for night sky to come again,
I could watch her sleep for hours,
She talked,
She laughed,
She said my name.

Without her my arms are lonely,
Without her my eyes are thirsty,
Without her my breaths are unworthy,
Without her every moment tortures me,
Without her restlessness burns me,
Without her -
Peace is not mine.


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