The Whitsunday shire was once a place
That could easily support the human race
With marvelous mountains and beautiful bays
And momentous sun sets at the end of the days

But what has become of this luscious land?
The grass under-foot as well as the sand
The wonderful wildlife the gorgeous greens
For the destruction of beauty, who are the fiends?

We’ll start at the beginning a long time ago
Where farmers would fish to escape from their woe
They built little huts along the wide beach
Somewhere in the area that was hard to reach

Then a man opened his eyes and saw a profit
And hoped that nobody else could top it
He set up a shop on a pre-owned site
And waited for someone with money to bite

Soon after that a resort opened doors
But sadly pollution was one of its flaws
Meanwhile out on the Great Barrier Reef
A pontoon was established, it’s welcome quite brief

If our pollution problem continues to grow
The cleanliness levels will stoop quite low
If our pollution problem continues to threat
We’ll be in big trouble, for which we’ll regret.

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