Face Of Evil

With every heart you break, another life you take. Though it doesn’t faze you at all, in pain and misery we fall. As I look deep into your eyes, the nausea dwells inside, I presume you’re planning my doom. Your scheme is human vanquish, through suffering, agony and anguish. The smirk on your face gives you away. Each step you take release more and more heartache. Whilst anyone who saw you now, would think you were at ease and calm, yet you would not hesitate to amputate a child’s arm.

We all know you have no heart. No one can get close to you, or you’ll rip them apart. You keep lying and we keep dying. One by one you knock us down, one by one you wipe out towns. I remember those pale, gaunt faces in piles round the streets. The memory of your flushed face as you smile gives me the creeps. Most of all, the memory of terror that surged through the towns, the heartrending affair, that filled each surviving soul with sorrow and despair. Are you happy now? Do you feel the need to take a bow?

We primed for your coming, but not enough. If there were any survivors, they were damn tough! So please spare me my life, as will you relinquish your knife? Pray the Lord forgive your soul, not smite you, his patience finally taking toll. Although I tried my luck, with a single slash of your knife, you left me a sitting duck. Immerse yourself in the aroma of death that seeped through the my town; you wear death like you would a frown.

So in good spirits, I bid you farewell, for soon enough you’ll be dead as well. At this thought I laugh my last breath, for your ecstasy will taken by death.
The light around me is dimming, I hear nothing but angels singing. I’ll bet you never expected this, sentencing me to a new life, a life of bliss.
While I watch upon all you’ve come worth, I see nothing but what you deserve. Your life now, being cut short, karma for all those acts of tort. So this moment is when you surrender your self, begging for God’s benediction, forget your power and wealth.

So now you finally rest, your frozen heart no longer beats in your chest. Now, as peaceful as you are, the contempt I feel for you is still strong, by far. In a coffin you lay, you and your tyranny are finally at bay. Your body each day, slowly but surely does decay.

Now you have passed, all is well, the ones you killed look down on you in hell. Your body corrodes for eternity down below, where your devotees can no longer follow. Do you feel a hint of remorse, you and your no-longer armed force?


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