Dandy And Fargo

Dandy and Fargo

Feeling excited, I took one last look at my shagged old stall and sighed. Although it was a pretty dull life here, I sure was going to miss this place. The stable hand clutched my halter and gave a nudge and my exciting new life had begun. Apparently, I was to move to a home that had two acres of land and a few other horses. I was told in my journey that there were beautiful Thoroughbreds and that they would be friendly. As I approached the driveway, I saw a little girl coming to greet me. She ran to me and nearly strangled me, trying to give me a hug, and whispered in my ear saying “Dandy”. I knew I was going to be loved here.
After a couple of weeks, Madame started riding me. Her weight was aching my back but the way she rode made me forget all about it. By now, I had met a riding pony named Fargo. Fargo was someone I looked up to. He might have been a bit smaller than me but neigh, did he have talent. Fargo was brilliant at dressage.
In the morning, I galloped away to Fargo’s stall as fast as I could to tell him my exciting news. “Fargo! Fargo! Madame entered me in the dressage competition! The one that you will be doing with Dalia!” Fargo poked his head out of his stall and snickered. I had to admit that Fargo looked jealous. I told him that he would win and I would have no hope, but that wouldn’t cheer him up. Finally, Madame came to pick me up together with Dalia and loaded us up into the trailer.
Fargo and I arrived at the dressage place (I’m a horse, so don’t blame me if I don’t know what it’s called) and we went to the trees and the girls began braiding our manes and tails. I could smell hotdog stands, I could feel the girls dressing our hair, and I could hear the laughter of little children running around. I watched the show eagerly and nervously. Fargo and I stayed close. Fargo had been to one of these before so he told me all the rules and how to get in the ring and so on. Normally, if Fargo was explaining something, I would fall asleep. But now I could barely keep my eyes closed as the intensity grabbed my attention and also grabbed my breath. Luckily, Madame kept me on my toes and Fargo beckoned me to calm down and relax. At this moment, I wished I read that “Keeping Calm and Relaxed” book that Madame’s friend’s pony told me about.
Finally, the time had come. I shook as we marched into the arena. We slowly trotted at first and then a slow walk. Madame saluted professionally and we started. At the end of our round, I quickly loped around to see how Fargo would go. I had complete confidence in Fargo, but less in myself. Madame saw me looking disappointed so she encouraged me, gave me a warm smile and whispered these words in a sweet natured voice: “I love you Dandy. I trust and believe in you. Even if we don’t win, I know that you tried.” Those words touched my heart and I knew I couldn’t let Madame down.
Next minute I found myself on the floor. I had fainted. Madame was kissing me and heaving me until I gladly obliged and got to my feet. I slowly walked to the bucket and took a huge gulp of water and from the other bucket, a great munch of oats. Christina (Madame’s mother) led me to the arena together with the other horses and cooled me down. In the corner of my eye I could see Madame sitting quietly and humbly while everybody came rushing to greet her. I was proud of my girl. She was kind and not only to horses but also to humans and she was quiet and humble. My word. Neigh! I couldn’t wait until Madame came into the arena. When she did, the judges called Fargo up. We were certain that he had won but unbelievably, he came second! I gasped when I heard this. Then, our names were called. I glanced at Madame. Carefully, she said, “Have Faith!!” and we approached the judges. “Madame, Dandy” I sighed and blew from my nostrils. “You have won the golden trophy with first place.” Madame screamed with joy and clasped my mane and hugged me warmly. My goodness, the feeling I felt when I heard those exact words was indescribable.
Madame took me home with joy in her heart and a trace of pride in mine and also a blue ribbon, to show off a little, on my mane. Now, I know it was the right thing for me to move here and I’m so glad and relieved that it happened for I’m given new opportunities to learn new things. Later on I’d probably have a little foal of my own soon and would teach him or her how to be a humble champ. As for Fargo, he would probably teach his foal how to keep going and not giving up. I wonder what my next adventure would be!