Rainbow Wishes


Jen Bloom loved rainbows. The beautiful colours of the rainbows would hypnotise her. Jen believed that you could wish on a rainbow and your wish would come true. She was eleven years old, had blonde hair that hung down her back, sapphire blue eyes and orange freckles on her face.

Jen was playing in her garden one day when she saw something sparkle in the grass. She realized it was a necklace and picked it up to examine it. The glimmering chain was thin and golden and hanging on it was a pendant shaped like a rainbow.

Suddenly it started to rain. Jen quickly ran inside to keep dry. After the rain she went back outside to admire the new rainbow. It was the biggest and brightest she had ever seen. She held up the necklace in front of the rainbow. Next thing she felt herself whooshing up into the air in a blast of colorful lights. When she landed she looked around and all she could see for miles were beautiful flowers, green fields and little mushroom houses.

"Hello" said a silvery voice. " Who are you?" Jen asked in amazement. " Why I am Ruby, and I am a rainbow fairy,” she replied. "And who are you" asked Ruby in reply. " My name is Jen Bloom,” she said proudly,

Ruby was wearing a sparkling red dress with red ballerina shoes.
She had golden blonde hair tied up high on her head. Her wings
were a beautiful turquoise colour that sparkled in the sunlight.

" Rose, come quick" called Ruby "I want you to meet my new friend Jen. " Suddenly out came another tiny fairy. She had violet wings that sparkled just like Ruby's. Her dress was the colour of dusty pink rose and her long red hair flowed down over her shoulders.

"Look Rose, Jen found the rainbow necklace". Ruby called. "Let's take it to Queen Saffron and King Aaron, they will be very pleased she found it”.
So with a wave of her wand Ruby sent everyone flying up into the sky towards a bright pink castle.

There was a large door in the center of the castle.
“ Lets go Jen “ called Ruby.
They entered the castle and Ruby led them to a large room smelling of cakes and pies.
Jen saw two fairies sitting at a large table.
“That must be the king and queen, they looked very royal,” she thought.


“Thank you for returning our necklace, We need it to make all the humans wishes come true.” The Queen said, ” As a thankyou token we will give you this gift” The king handed Jen a sparkling silver necklace with a fairy pendant.” Now you can come back any time you like,” said the queen, smiling, “Just rub the necklace.”

”Ruby, take her home” said the queen. ”Bye! ”Jen called as she was lifted into the air and in a split second she was back at home.

“Was that for real? ” Jen said to herself. Then she remembered the necklace. She looked down to see a fairy pendant on a silver chain.

“Yep, that was real alright”.