Baby On The Freeway

This morning mum and I were on our way to the Mall to buy baby supplies for the new baby which was due in a week. First we had to go to the service station because mum had dropped the car to get serviced that morning. So we walked to the service station and drove to the Mall on the freeway. It was a very busy road today. The baby’s name was to be Miley Mum and Dad had agreed on a name.
Mum and I went to every baby shop we could find. We bought something from every shop.
On our way home when mum stopped the car in the middle of the road. I asked mum what was wrong. She gave me no answer. I asked her again this time I was yelling at her. Then I realised her water just broke and she now was screaming it is coming out. She was continually screaming. Then she paused for a second, it went quiet, she yelled at me to call the ambulance.
I called the Ambulance and a lady answered and said “Can I have your name?” and “What is the emergency?” I said “Taylor Koop”. The lady again asked what the emergency is. I couldn’t quite hear the lady over mum’s screaming so I assumed she wanted to know what was happening. I was yelling my mum is having a baby. The women asked where are you I quickly answered her back I said we were on the freeway in a car. She said can you get your mum to lie down and if she needs to push tell her to. I then replied I have done that. She said I have notified the ambulance they should be there in 10 minutes just stay with your mum.
I stayed with my mum, she looked like she was in pain. Then she screamed, “It is out!” I realised it was out. I quickly took off my jacket to wrap around the baby. Then mum was crying tears of relief and I said to mum, “Why is it not breathing?” Mum said, “Wait for the ambulance I will take care of the baby.” Every second I would be looking at my watch. Then I could hear the sirens I was jumping up and down with joy. They were finally here. They quickly ran to mum with their medical bag they said “How long has the baby not be breathing for?” Mum said, “I did not realise it wasn’t breathing!” They quickly put an oxygen mask on her.
After minutes of oxygen the baby stayed stable. Mum then realised she was going to be ok.
She said to me, “Taylor you realise you saved Miley’s life by calling the ambulance?” I said “Thanks.”
I didn’t believe at first that I actually saved Miley’s life but than I realised it I’m a hero!