Hair Problem

and Scaredy cat was sleeping in her cat bed. BOOM BOOM BOOM! went Pauline’s feet .
“Rise and shine it’s a brand new day”. Pauleen said.
“Aww I was having such a good sleep”.said Smelly the rat.
“Aaaaah” screamed scaredy cat. After everybody got dressed they had breakfast. Smelly had a banana peel, Pauline had a carrot, Scaredy cat ate some cat biscuts. “Where did you get these cat biscuits?’ asked Scaredy cat.
“I dug them out of the ground.” said Pauline .
“WHAT!” Screamed Scaredy cat.
“I’m only kidding.” laughed Pauline. “I actually found them in a box outside.”
“phew.” went Scaredy cat . Smelly was still laughing. After breakfast they had a race Smelly won because when Scaredy cat got past Smelly did a fart.
“Disgusting” yelled Pauline and Scaredy cat at the same time. Pauline went to get a drink of water.
“that was yummy” said Pauline .
Then her hair started to grow. Scaredy cat and Smelly stared at her.
“OH NO” yelled Pauline. BANG BOOM CRASH. went Pauline and all the food out of the cupboard.
“I can not see!” said Pauline
“Does anyone have some big scissors” said Smelly.
“That’s not funny” said Pauline.
“We only need some normal scissors” said Scaredy cat.
“I might have some in my favourite garbage bin” said Smelly
After a while Smelly found some. Snip snip snip went the scissors.
“The hair problem is over” yelled Pauline.


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