Wacky Weekend

“Good morning Miss Jennings,” the grade four class wailed. It was a Monday morning, everyone hated Mondays because it was recount day. “Everyone get out their writing books and start writing,” Miss Jennings said softly. Miss Jennings was a cool teacher, always nice and always gave us chockies. Half an hour had past and everyone had finished but Kate. Kate wasn’t talking or anything she just had a long recount. “FINISHED”! Kate yelled at the top of her voice. The class paused and stared at her. “Pass it over then,” Miss Jennings said. She read and read and finally, “WOW! What a weekend, but are you sure that happened. You can read that to the class,” Miss Jennings said with amazement.

Kate stared to read, and this is how it goes.

On Saturday the 28th of March my mum drove me and my annoying brother Michael to my Dad’s. We were sleeping over. I had to pack my bright fluoro pink skirt and wig, because I was doing the Joondalup festival, a march around Joondalup. The Mayor was going to be there to, to announce the winners of different categories. For example: best dressed and best choreography. Finally after an hour of driving we reached my Dad’s. My dad was very excited to see me and Michael, because he hadn’t seen us in a week. “Hey Dad,” I said as I gave him a hug. “Hey Dad,” Michael said. “Go get your costume on,” Mum said. I got my costume on ready to go. “Lets go,” I said. We were off.

We arrived at the Joondalup festival with everyone excited and ready to start the march. I had
never done something like this before, so I was a little scared, but still really excited.
The march was just about to start, everyone was in their positions. The fun kiddie song started and we started to march, well dance. My Mum, Dad and brother were cheering me on, I went red but kept going. I couldn’t believe how much fun it was, there were so many people. All the younger kids were doing the dance too.

Finally after a whole hour of marching it was over and the mayor got ready to announce the winners. The mayor announced “Hello everybody, you have done such a good job on everything, but I can only give on prize for every category, so while watching all of you I picked five winners. The best costume goes to…Rally De Boom,” “Yes” Rally De Boom Screamed. ”Woo,” the crowd cheered. Now for the best choreography goes to…Kwallaloompa doompa,”! “Yes,” Kwallaloompa Doompa screamed, “woo,” the crowd cheered