Quae Ninis Apparent Retia Vitat Avis

The armies raised a loud clang and clamour,
Like a huge flock of birds,so you could hear
Horns honking and drums before a storm of rain,
Bringing death and destruction to the plain.

The night unfolds in the dying of lights
And they opened their hellish fights,
But they marched shoulders to shoulders,
In the grim advances of the pillaging armies.

The two armies erupted in an uproar of war cry,
As they charged into their enemy line,
Clashed with thunderous collisions,
Fleshes tore, fountains of bloods gurgling out.

Outcries of demented inhuman screams,
Awakens the devil to open the hell's gate,
Releasing ravenous birds to devour humankind.
Quae ninis apparent retia vitat avis