Landing On The Tiles Harsh

Hi my name is Phoebe. I am 8 and a half. On Saturday I was reading the Daily Newspaper. Then I saw an ad to go to the Spine Tingling Haunted House at Broadmeadow. “Mum can I go to the creepy scary Haunted House?’’ I asked. Mum said yes.
So we got a move on. When we got there I opened the big purple doors. “Screeeech.” A bunch of vampire bats came fling out. I ducked so they would not kill me. I ran inside and I stared carefully. I screamed as I saw 300 ghouls and I hurried up the steps. Then suddenly a goblin came out from the scary toilets. The goblin pushed me over the railing. “Ahhhhhh’’ I screamed as I fell down past the steps. I fell in a deep sleep.
Suddenly I woke up. “Where am I’’ I said. “ In the hospital darling’’ said mum. I looked at Dr. Hobart. He said I have to stay in a wheelchair.

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