The beauty of the sea is so strong, i could just swim in it all day long,
when sunsets happen they make you glow,
i step up forward the water touches my toe,
as the next day comes i wait for you, with no storms no rips i know what to do,
i dive in a cold shiver about to run, i stay in i don't really care, i know i can always rely on the sun,
with all your animals precious and your jewel sea,
i always knew you mean so much to me, with stars that shine make a sparkle over you,
i've always known sparkle was the real you,
as waves crash and make white wash,
i swim out far no need to toss,
i hold my breath as a big wave comes, i know i'll make it through as i am next to my mum,
i ran out happy because today,
all my worries have been washed away.
By Lily Hines