A Balloon Adventure

Yesterday it was Peter s birthday. He had his party in the contry on a beautiful farm. His sister Andrea was there too. Peter invited all his friends and familie. The names are: Bernhard, Richard, Monika, Sonia, Marco and oncle Otto. His sister Andrea is very thin and light and that s how the trouble began:

Andrea loved ballon, especially, jumbo, huge, enormous, gigantic helium gas balloons. Suddenly, she looked over to the living room, she run and grubbed three to the part balloons. They were even her favorite colours. Andrea took them outside and the really fun began. After the first step she started floating into the sky. "Help" she screamed. Peter didin't care, what a bad brother. He looked a Mama Mia Movie. Andrea was floating 1000 metre over the farm and suddently she saw a hot air balloon.

"Help" she screamed again, as she reached the hot air balloon. The people grabbed her on her foot and her and the balloons nearly flew in the hot part of the air balloon. Can you imagine, what would happen?

But Andrea she was so happy, that she was saved by the people, because otherwise she would fly in the blue sky. The peole landed with their hot air balloon, with Andrea. Would you believe it, they landed staight at the farm?

Andrea did not have to pay for the hot air balloon ride. Her Mum and Dad paid for her. Finally it was time to go home. Richard stayed over for a sleep with Otto and Renate. For dinner they lasagna.

Story written by Sonia Kall


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