Eagle flies, so graceful, ruler of the skies
A skilful hunter with sharp prying eyes.
Eagle spies hare, and braces herself
To plunge down with grace, agility and stealth.
When eagle swoops, her speed will enhance
And when she dives down, hare won’t stand a chance.
Eagle swoops down, seizing the prize
Then drifts back up into ancient blue skies.
Eagle stares down at the dry, parched earth
She cries out with glory, she shrieks out with mirth
From her talons hangs hare, limp with defeat
As delectable dinner for an eagle to eat.
She then glides away, on the currents she drifts
Soon reaching a dangerously ragged cliff.
She locates her nest and swoops down to land
And there is her chick, their reunion is grand.