Dark Scary Forest

Dark and scary, all alone in the night, entering the forest and there’s no more view of light. Shivering like a beetle trying to fly, as creepy as the clouds turning into a dark green sky.
The trees and plants all gathered around, speaking to each other and making the least amount of sound.
Hurt and frightened as if someone died, the forest itself is where a million souls lied. Walking quickly on the long path way down, the victims are trapped in the ground. The forest of darkness, the darkened torturous death, victims strangled by the vines that took their last breath.
The haunted forest, the most horrifying tunes are sung, horrifying nature of reality projected from their tongues. The full moon glazes at the forest and the victim’s foreheads.
Done with murder, done with crime, but wait and see at the end of time. Vines start rising, bodies start falling, when the sound of Heaven or hell are calling.
Staring at the howling full moon, down the victims go, trespassers trying to escape but the forest always knows. Laughing and waving all the way through, while watching victims trampling to their doom.
Werewolves growling like demon lions standing on their two back feet, coming in to see if they could find a little treat. The forest hands trespassers to them, so the werewolves could eat the flesh of humans.
The moon goes down and the werewolves leave, and the scent of trouble will always be received. Forests are everywhere from space to earth, but never underestimate the need to search.
When the moon comes back, the werewolves will be free, but the forest and trees will wait... You’ll see.


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