Far away, the Almighty, father of all men, the sky, land and ocean
Overhead, the glamourous Garden of Eden, us two desire to hold
Radiant beams of the dawn lighten up a story will never unfold
Mortal force dares to touch, but we’ll never once again be frozen
You know, I don’t have a look, but my faith for you can be chosen
Forbiddeness of time, of secrets, mouth to mouth, soon will they told
Immortal tenderness of yours filled with ecstatic silver and gold
Recognition of the unknown future, the bittersweetness explosion
So he created such you own an inspired beauty of her fair Aphrodite
Temptation of any fighter, the gorgeous you possess, can’t be concealed
Love gives a heart unconditionally, you’re the right hand of the Virgin Mary
O well illustrated with your pure elegance of the dear sincere Galadriel
Vanished the darkness, the sins, the immoral world, the deceitful malice
Ever worth for you to enter my roof, but say a word and my soul shall be healed


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