Journey to the bright side of another world in the infinity
Every step I walk, through pains, my patience slowly weakens
Rarely be chance to find my way out, no there isn’t a reason
Running deeply towards fantasies, just to hope to live in reality
Young but not free, being locked down under the life symmetry
Of the unceased oppressions of depressions so am I in my own prison
May the Lord deliver thee to me, unchain the bitter to its decent
Your words because filled with such delight and passion, more than humanity
From thy thoughts to thy gesture and with all of thy complexions
Remedy of I and ones living by thee, as they have such no imperfections
Indefinite miseries shall pass along the wind of the streaming time
Everlasting sorrows shall fall on its knees while it peak climbs
Never can I ever release myself from despairs into the free ocean
Did you then brought me back to life, o it’s just your sweetest devotion.


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