Is that thy shadow wondering at the beginning of time, was lost long ago
Midnight memories recalled back from the footprint thou had left behind
Hush, whispered the wind, inside your leaves of mine, seems so unkind
Unite either bind of Christ or storms might I can’t foresee, must thee behold
Novas such created by thy cold, oh no, I clearly know, your very first threshold
Golden paroles soon will be told, thy mind one day shall thrive, so thou’ll find
Castigation is undefined, ‘cos their kindness for you won’t ever disincline
Hinded there somewhere, repay with your care, share its scope, up slope its bold
Asking whom would raise their loving arms thus there for you to reach
Nor your heart withers from the death of your soul, though I can breach
Past eyes bowed to hand her blinded love and his high above devotion
Hold up their true endless most, build your coast of hope and emotion
Aye when thy shepherd shall lead you to his greenest meadow and bright
Man words can then all write, for you’re their immortal and greatest delight.


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