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Muse Of The Piano

The wind was battering at to windows of the old rundown mansion. The rain piercing the skin of any who walked to streets, but it was unlikely that anyone would be out. As I sat by myself in the mansion the sound of a car screeching came to my ears. I ran to the broken window to see what had happened, to find the sight of an old and beaten up grand piano. The piano must've been dumped there because it was on it's side and one of it's legs were broken, but there was no car to be seen. I decided to think nothing of it, when I suddenly started to feel dizzy and nauseated then blacked out. The next thing I knew, was that it was morning again. My alarm started to go off, and I had completely forgotten about the piano. I had just finished getting ready for school that day, and went out the front door, when I saw the old grand piano looking like it was standing up proudly with all it's legs there and the right way up. I thought that it was strange after I had recalled what had happened the night before and decided that I would see if the piano was still playable. I opened the lid to the piano to find the keys looking like they had never been used. I suddenly then had this immediate urge to play. I only knew a few chords but I just couldn't help it, it was the kind of urge you just can't stop. When I started to play there was a beautiful harmony of chords just after playing and my fingers wouldn't stop playing even if I had wanted them to, it was like they were possessed by a demon. When my fingers had finally stopped playing I felt refreshed but tired at the same time...

by Jessica Addis Shawyer, VIC

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