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A Game That Changed Someone Life

So you want to learn about a person who life changed just from a game just for safety try this at home (not)haha haha.and it starts like this.

this person also a big bully and a new boy named Chris and his brother joy.joy was coming to school already but Chris is new to the school and many things are happening to him already he was moving house and now moving the school and then the bully came and said hi baby hi I am Chris I am new.you think I am stupid no I was not saying that good kid.

he went in the classroom and the teacher called him out and he told the class what he likes and does not he did a good job of doing that now the bully knows everything about him.

one day on lunch Thursday 1.46pm he comes to him. he was doing his homework and he came and ripped his homework when the teacher asks him where was his homework was he told miss everything and the bully got in trouble miss said to stay in at lunch tomorrow and he did.
the next day he went to miss she said let play a game he asked what the game called she said stand up to bullies and it was really fun the kid had changed from scared to brave

by Joy Mahfoud, NSW

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