"Good morning Coffs Harbour!"shouted the radio weatherman.
"Today in Coffs Harbour the forecast will be 24 degrees at about 10:30am and 30 degrees around lunch. That’s today's weather with Andrew Small. Have a nice day! Up next, win a family pass to this years Olympics," finished the weatherman.
"Dad! Dad! Did you hear that?" blurted out my annoying little brother, Tom.
"Yes, Tom, I did." replied dad.

I couldn't believe it, my family had won free passes to the Olympics, plus, they were VI.P passes.
"C'mon Tess." said mum.
"What, huh?" I said looking confused.
"You and your mum are going to the equestrian events and Tom and I are going to the swimming. Don't worry though we'll swap in an hour." dad told me.

Mum and I were amazed at how well some of the riders could showjump because I always thought mum was that good! After the show we went to help wash and feed the horses and a man walked over to me and asked me my name. I replied very slowly saying "Tess Smith, my mum Sarah is over there." I said, pointing at mum.
"Did you say your mum's name was Sarah Smith?" he asked.
"Yes." I replied.
"G'day stranger."The man said to mum.
'Oh my gosh!"said mum looking very surprised.
"You know this guy?" I said to mum.
"Yes, this is Andrew Hoy, he was my best friend in highschool!" Mum replied.
"Wha?"I said looking confused.
"Don't worry, we can talk about it at the café," said mum.

After all the confusion at the stables I sat at the table drinking my milkshake and staring at the famous equestrian rider that was my mum’s best friend in high school.
"There you are, I've looked everywhere for you two," dad said as he sat down.
We ended up asking Andrew to stay at our house for a while but he had to train for the next Olympics.
And that is my story about my V.I.P pass to the Olympics.

The End

By Maddie Mcneill


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