The Princess With A Pure Heart

Once there was a castle surrounded by a floating town,
It was so tall, it even reached the highest cloud.
It had a king, a queen and a princess.
They always worked hard and did their best.
Even though they were rich and had so many things,
They were so kind, they even gave presents to other kings.
There was also a witch who was jealous,
Because of the princess who was beautiful and generous.
Then she created a spell,
To destroy the princess and the kingdom as well.
Then areas of the kingdom went grey,
Then they vanished and blew away.
Everyone went on to the ground off their floating city,
Even though it was painful, to leave their home so precious and pretty.
Then the princess had a full proof plan to save the kingdom,
Since she loved her family and kingdom a lot, she wanted to save them.
She went to the witch and said,
“Please do not harm them, kill me instead.”
Then the witch took her to an evil lair.
After that the princess said, “Kill me, if you dare!”
Then the witch brought a sword, sharp and shiny,
It was very sharp but very tiny.
She held it up above her head,
To stab the princess, to make her dead!
The princess was brave, but very frightened,
As the witch held the sword up, her chest was tightened.
Her love was strong, she presented with pride,
Even though she was about to die!
She thought about everyone who showed her care,
Her bond was strong, it was very rare!
So when the witch stabbed her chest,
She thought of love which was the best!
The sword shattered into parts,
Because of the princess’s love had a strong heart.
Her love was big, her heart was brave,
Now the kingdom was saved!
Then the witch was now in jail, thanks to the princess,
All the folks congratulated her since she did her best,
Now who knows what risks the princess might take,
But for right now it’s OVER for goodness sake!


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