Worst Possible World Event

Once, I decided to go for a horse ride in Parramatta Park which happened in 2016. At the same time, it was the New Year festival going on which happened by the Indian people who were popular. When I went there, I couldn't wait to have a go for a horse ride and I felt extremely intoxicating that I had the superlative opportunity to have a ride. I climbed on the horse extremely leisurely so I won’t have any accidents. I had only two laps of the ride. The horse poo was smeared all over the floor. It smelled stinky and nasty.

Suddenly, I was nosedived into a stinky and nasty browny poo. My clothes turned into a stinky muddy brown including my unattractive face even my unstraightened hair. Then I felt embarrassed also sorrowful. Everyone chuckled clamorously at me also some people were gawking me up and down. At the same time, my family realised my situation. I scuttled expeditiously to the toilet. Prosperously, there was a bathroom attached with a toilet in it but unfortunately, the shower tap wasn’t working. I wiped my unattractive face also my unstraightened hair including my hands and legs but still, the smell didn’t go away. Prosperously, I had my picnic towel in my bag and covered myself up. I scuttled expeditiously to the car. I bobbed down on the car until we reached home.

When we have reached home, I straightly went to the bathroom and took a shower. Finally, I was relieved by my stinky body. After I had a horrendous experience, I won’t definitely go for a horse ride anymore in my life. IF SOMEONE WANTS TO GO FOR A HORSE RIDE ANYWHERE, IF YOU DO, THEN YOU WILL HAVE THE HORRENDOUS EVENT EVER LIKE ME.


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