The Lives We Lead

I lived for the thrill and magic of life.

The adventure, the action, the bone-chilling mysterious that plagued my life as I climbed perilous mountains and fought tooth and nail to escape a collapsing cave, as I battled the swashbuckling pirates that dared attempt to pillage my village and do my best and use my skills of socialism and deduction to capture the enemy spies that wanted to assassinate our mayor and steal our important documents pertaining information on the new factories that we plan to build. I went on daring travels to capture treasure for entitled Kings in order to save my head, and stop the uprising of the lost Kingdom of Valeria, driven underground and forced to work the mines of Balzahaa.

I went undercover as the concubine of King Reyland to stop the evil wizard kill Prince Alfred, posed as Princess Alice of the Pigeon Kingdom in order to keep her safe from the assassination attempts before her coronation, and even further west of the country I attended the ceremony of the birth of a baby princess, now cursed until her true love finds and rescues her. I helped rescue nameless, forgotten princesses trapped in their towers for years and long given u hope, I gave food to weary travelers still determined to reunite with their lost loves.

I took some to explore and map the Island of Ruin, a land once as prosperous as mine now run over by large mechanical beasts fuelled the fabled power of electricity, where I ran over the top of sky rise buildings, illuminated by bright, neon flashing lights, where I battled those greedy with the power and money. I joined resistances led by brave, albeit whiny children, I supported people devastated by attacks from these villains and helped long hordes of people lumber through the mountain range separating North Ruin from South Ruin while I let a group of teenagers run havoc in the plans of the government to wipe out the ‘less worthy’. I experienced 3-dimensional simulations and snuck around the oxygen plants out of rumors of something suspicious going on behind the factory’s locked doors. I found out what it was like to travel in time, to travel off my own planet and be amongst the stars.

I always made time for visiting my family though. My younger sister would run up the little path leading to our quaint cottage at the edge of the forest, pigtails whipping behind her overjoyed form, my mother cooking feast for the four of us in celebration of my return, my father happy to listen to my stories.
It was absolutely wonderful, if only for a few short days before I was on my next adventure.
Sure, it was all in the comfort of my town’s small library, but every time I turned the page, every time I picked up a new book it was a new life, new bold, daring adventure.

And every time, I really felt magical.


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