One Relationship

They fear me, they hear my name and get scared,
Just the thought of me can't be bared.
Oh! All the relationships I've had,
They've been nothing but sad.
The nearer they come, the more they decide to accept me,
They open their minds and know they are still free.
One thinks I could get rid of all their problems,
Even though they know they still have more time to blossom.
One is too ignorant and doesn't appreciate my existence,
All they want from me is distance.
One even thinks they are stuck with me,
Fear is all they see.
I just want a healthy relationship,
One that doesn't dip one bit.
Someone that appreciates me enough,
Someone that knows vulnerability towards me shouldn't be tough.
One that can take me as a reminder and can be thankful for who they've been with,
But be ready for me, I am not a myth.
We shall meet either in the darkness of the night
Or in the flamboyant daylight.



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