The Song Of Sorrow

As the sun went down and the moon rose up I watched as my mother sobbed in the living room. It had been two years since the incident, mother told me never to speak of it again but it always creeps up on me when I'm feeling alone. When I was only six I had this amazing older brother, his name was Zac. He loved to sing and was in the year seven choir. He had loved singing since he was two but when he turned 12 everything changed. One night I saw him creeping out of the house and I asked him where he was going but he didn't answer me and closed the front door. As Zac left and charged for the car something stopped him. I crept back into my room but I could hear something coming from outside, "what is he doing", I thought, as I went to look out my window a bug crawling across the wall stopped me and by the time I made my way to the window he was gone. After that, he was never heard of again. Mum had called the police that night and after two years of searching, he was officially gone. So here we are now two years after the accident. Just as I was going to lay down in my bed and sleep I heard a noise coming from my window, as I leaned towards the window my mother wiped away her tears and stopped me to asked me why I was still up. I told my mum that I could hear something coming from the window, my mother said it was probably just a racoon scavenging through all the rubbish. I lay back in my bed but all I could hear were those dumb racoons, but then I could hear something else, "what is that sound" I thought to myself. As I leaned towards the window something stopped me it was that weird sound it was getting louder and louder and I felt like it was getting closer and closer. As the sound got closer I could slightly hear what the noise was. It sounded like a voice, a voice calling for help, as I continued to listen to the voice something touched my shoulder. As I turned around in fear I could see a ghostly figure with its hand lightly on my shoulder. I screamed in fear as the figure was transforming and I could see its full face and body. As I looked at the figure I realised this ghostly figure was a young boy, and he looked around 12 years old. As I looked in his sparkling brown eyes something about him looked familiar. As I looked closer into his eyes I realised the only person I ever knew that eyes sparkled was Zacs. Zac, it was Zac he had come back but he didn't look very human-like, he was like a ghost, what had happened to him. As I looked towards his face I asked him "what happened to you? , you were gone for 2 years, where were you?". As I waited for a reply Zac had finally answered me, "come with me I need you to find me" he said. As I went to answer him he grabbed my hand and pulled me out the window, he took me all the way to the graveyard and we both stood near an old grave with the name Zac Bluebird born 1974 -1999 and died in a mysterious accident. Then on a grave next to Zacs had the name, Sarah Bluebird born 1982-1999 and died in a mysterious accident, "wait im, Sarah Bluebird, why do I have a grave I'm still alive I didn't die in 1999 and I wasn't born in 1982, what is going on" As I turned to look at Zac my body seemed to be getting lighter and more clear. As I looked in my brother's eyes I could see he was hiding something. As the moon was going down and the sun was coming up Zac told me that when he was 12 his body started to disappear and soon after that started he had lost his voice and that's what stopped him from singing and when he snuck out of the house he was just going to his friends house but within a second he had fully disappeared. That had explained why after I saw him leave and charge to the car he had disappeared within a second. Zac had also told me that he found out that he wasn't 12 he just looked it and that I wasn't the age I was and that I was much older. I didn't know what was going on but as the sun rose up I could see that we wouldn't be here much longer, "what's going to happen to us Zac". As I went to grab Zacs hand he whispered in my ear that it'll all be over before you know it and not to worry because we are both tired and soon we'll have our sleep. Within a moment we both began to fade away, as we floated up to the clouds we sang a song our mother always sang to us when we were little to calm us down, the song was called The Song of Sorrow, as we were almost to the end we held hands and as we left we sang with pride, we were both officially gone.


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