Janitorial Duties

My job is as pathetic as the government. It’s the same cycle everyday. My weary eyelids unravel, only for my eyes to open to a view empty boxes of Winfield and look into the mirror to see the same dull grimace staring back at me. I managed to scramble myself to my 90’s model Suzuki Swift. I could barely afford this piece of crap. The tedious commute to school would be even more monotonous without my smoke. I can see the ramshackle of the school as I pass over that train bridge. Why any caring parent would send their kid there continues to baffle me to this day. Thank God there was a parking spot available. As I walked into my office, it all went dark. That douche of a principal thought that it was a bright idea to omit a window. He was right though. As usual, I put on my jacket, goggles and earmuffs. The damn grass never stops growing.

That smell. The smell of freshly cut grass. I don’t know why but I just love the scent of it wafting over me. My office, or as others call it shed, was dripping with water. DROP, DROP, DROP, DROP, DROP, DROP. As I cut the grass, I could smell the water. The water makes the freshly cut smell even crispier. I was surprised how sunny the day was. It gave the grass a more translucent look. Some of the grass seemed to be a bit withered. I took my job quite seriously. I have had issues in the past. As pathetic as my job is, it’s the one thing that I anticipate with pleasure each day. I get paid to do what I truly love.

Against the principals strict dictatorship, I had a few packets of Winfield and roll your own cigarettes. They're refreshing after a hard days work of being bossed around. Since my office is so far away, nobody can whine about me smoking. What I didn’t count on was the biology class doing tests on the flora on school grounds. KNOCK KNOCK!!!! The door creaked open. I knew instantly that there was an issue. Nobody ever comes down here. The principal was standing outside, wearing his tailored mundane suit. He saw my grass. The next thing I remembered were red, blaring lights and the sound of people speaking over a muffled radio. I never set foot in that school again.


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