OMG, Mystery Flight

The Smith family was going on a plane trip when tragedy struck the plane while traveling through a huge storm when a lightning bolt came down and it hit the plane. The plane started to fall quickly from the sky by the second into the deep, dark, rough ocean that was beneath them.
“What am I going to do now I’ve lost control of the plane. We’re doomed.” Yelled the pilot
“Oh no, what are we going to do?” asked Donny
“We will be alright, don’t worry about anything that is happening. Norm our pilot knows what he is doing.” said Jeff

Moments later, the plane drops into the ocean. The Smith family found a way out of plane that was submerging under the ocean quickly. Patty one of their daughters had to grab her bag that her favourite doll was in as she wasn’t going to leave Omen behind. As they were swimming through the ocean, they heard a scream.

“Somebody help me I’m trapped!!!” screamed Norm, no one came back to save him.

“We will be fine, we just have to stay positive and swim to the closest island that we can find.” said Kathy in a panic.

Four days later, the Smith family found an island and try harder to get there in the next day or they will die from hunger or drown from exhaustion.

The Smith family got to the island that night. Patty got so hungry that she ate all the food. During the first night on the island Patty woke up starving and tried going out to look for food but couldn't find any as it was dark outside. Donny woke up looking for Patty. Instead of getting Patty to come back in he fell right into a trap.

"Don't kill me!" screamed Donny

"You look so delicious to eat." said Patty

"Ahhh!" Donny cried

Everyone woke up to find that Donny was missing, and Patty was outside next to a dead body. Patty wanted more blood. The next night Patty loured Kathy outside and she fell into the trap.

"Patty, why?" cried Kathy

"Because there is no other meat I can find when I’m hungry." replied Patty

There was no noise anywhere that night so Jeff and Yuki both thought that everyone was asleep until they woke up to find that Kathy had been killed during the night.

"Who and why does this keep happening?" Jeff asked in tears.

"I keep doing this and because I get so hungry during the night." Patty replied.

So, Patty done the same thing the next night to lour Jeff in and kill him. Jeff was going insane not knowing when he would be killed. Late that night Jeff woke up and went looking for Patty. Jeff found Patty in a bush.
" You will never escape!" Patty said evilly
"I don’t want to die." Cried Jeff.
"You will die tonight." Patty replied
"Ahhhh!" Jeff cried

Patty started to look for the middle of the island to see what was there. Patty found the middle of the island and took her favourite doll Omen. There was nothing in the middle of island as it was a very dark and stormy place. Patty sat her bag down that she took with her into the middle of the island. When Patty turned back, she found that Omen had come to life in the middle of the island. Patty was so excited that she screamed.

Patty, do you remember what I told you about the middle of the island she heard in a distance voice. The voice had come back again. Patty left the middle of the island with her real-life doll Omen. Patty realised she could hear Kathy in the distance.

Patty got back after walking around the whole island. Yuki came out of nowhere and scared Patty.
"Where did you go?" asked Yuki
"I just went for a walk around the island" Patty replied
So that night Patty woke up. Yuki followed her to see where she was going but Yuki ended up killed. Patty had something to eat for a few days.

The next day Patty had eaten everything. There was nothing left on the island. Patty thought about escaping off the island. Patty tried to swim out into the ocean but instead a massive crark chased her. Patty ran as fast as a cheetah. The next day Patty tried to escape again but took Omen with her but the crark chased her again.

" Please help me Omen" Patty cried
Omen came alive and saved Patty from the crark. It took a few minutes for Omen to kill the crark, so Patty was protected. Patty went to escape again but she never did.
Patty suddenly woke up from a long-lasting sleep that she had been in for a full day. Patty didn't know what was going on as Kathy, Jeff, Yuki and Donny was alive.
"Do you remember anything that happened?" asked Kathy
"No, I don’t remember " Patty replied
"Oh okay." asked Jeff
"I'm sorry everyone.” Patty replied


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