Rich Kid

VROOM !!"Haha this is fun! ," says Richard Wealth. He drives his sports car around his MANSION! while... Richard's friends Ned and Ellie ride a wagon behind Richards car. CRASH!! Richard crashes into a pillar with Ned and Ellie flipped over from the sudden brake. " I'll get used to that,” says Richard "Ow," moans Ned. "Ellie, you okay?," asks Ned. “Oh, I’m fine, I used you, so I break my full," answered Ellie. They all head to Richards room to check it out. It was Ned and Ellie's first time visiting Richard, he moved in to his mansion when he won a TRILLION dollars for creating a new energy source by using all the healthy things he never ate and sold for a lot of money, now he lives in a mansion which has a big maze, go cart track and has his own water park! And he has his family to share his house with, his mum, dad and brother. “Welcome guys, to my room! ," Richard says. There were massage chairs made from MONEY and a bed with cushions and a blanket at the end all made from MONEY! " That's not all of it," says Richard. he pulls out a remote and presses a button, the window that looks like the outside turns into an aquarium full of whales! "Meet my whales, Money, Other Money and Bank," says Richard. “ So what do you want to do,” asks Ned. “Maybe we should call in a DJ and have a party in your room!,” says Ellie. “Great Idea! ,” says Richard. “Oh no, bad Idea!” says Ned. “Come on it doesn’t hurt to use a little bit of my money,” says Richard. He goes down stars to call the DJ, but as he went down stairs, he saw the rest of his family sitting on the couch. Dad was watching TV; Mum was reading a gossip magazine and Rick was playing on his phone. Richard walks past so he could get his phone which was on the dining table. He was so close to getting his phone, but mum saw him at the corner of her eye. “Hey Richard, I was thinking if we should have family game night?” asks mum. “Actually, me and my friends are having a party so I was going to go and get my phone so I can call A DJ,” says Richard. “Okay, then let’s have a party, hey dad, Rick we are going to have a party in Richards room,” says Mum. “I’ll call the DJ,” says Richard. He walks into his room and calls DJ Thrill. At 8 pm sharp DJ arrives at Richards house. Ding Dong! Richard invites him to his room. “Get ready your stuff ready and we’ll start the party at 8:30. Richard closes the door and goes down stairs to tell his family and friends to set everything for the party up. Soon, DJ turns up the music and everyone else starts to dance.


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