Whistler Fistwind And The Everlasting Necklace Part 1

Beeb beeb be, click! 'Yawn' Whistler woke up yawning '6:00' the clock read the time out load. Whistler went to get ready for high school. Whistler was an ordinary boy but after he got dressed in his uniform something extraordinary happened. He out to his balcony to get some fresh air.The birds were singing, the pigeons flew on top of the shelter eating leftover bread he threw up there and the sun was rising. Whistler heard someone whistling, "I wonder if I could whistle" He blew into his milk trying to whistle but it didn't work so he tried again. Still didn't work."looks like I can't whistle", he said sighing, he blew into his milk again. Whoooooo. He whistled! "Huh" thought Whistler. He blew into his milk again. But it started turning gold he went inside finding something to eat he poured his milk in a bowl and took a hand full of cereal and in his hand it turned gold to! He dropped the cereal in his milk ,terrified. He looked at his hands. "How is this happening" he thought. "If you want to know the answer you must come to the world magic" a bird said. "Y... you can do sp... speak?"whistler said gulping. "Yes boy" the bird flew to the fence of his balcony. "Come here" Whistler slowly approached to the bird. "Hold my wing" Whistler gently touched the birds wing." Now whistle" " But I can't whistle" the bird sighed,"Here blow through this." The bird gave whistler a flute. "I Don't know how to play the flute," says Whistler. "Just blow through it," says the bird. Whistler takes a deep breath then blows through the flute. A soft fantastical tune is played. Suddenly, a vortex opens, delicate plants are sucked in, small insects are sucked In. "Come on through" says the bird. Whistler steps his right leg into the vortex then his foot falls in and his body gets pulled inside. Whistler starts to panic as he falls inside. The vortex closes behind him, his body glides through the colorful portal. Soon, a boy and girl fall into the portal. "Whoaaaa!" Shouts one. The other starts to scream. "Do you have a problem of 'things turning into gold when you touch them'?"says Whistler to the girl. "No, I've have a problem of 'Animals being able to talk to me when I say something to them' Also my name is Alina Windswallow," she says. "What about you?" Whistler says to the boy. "I have got the problem of 'static electricy shoots out when I point at something with my ring finger!"he says. "My name is Arjack Windscar, I'm destined to get a scar by wind." Soon another vortex opens. "Lets go through there!,"says Alina. They all glide to the vortex.

To be continued...


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