The Story Of October Vench

When I was a young girl, we had no technology and weren’t allowed inside until the adults beckoned us which is why we had a reason to explore count Dracula’s Grand Hotel. This is where our story begins.

The chilling wind grew wildly breathing a murderous breath down the back of my neck. All hair on my legs stood up like the night my parents went missing, but that’s another story to tell. This story took place on Saturday. It was a typical Saturday evening, all the parents in our street gathered in Mr and Mrs reverend’s backyard. When I mean parents, I mean us kids. We raced to the backyard whilst the parents talked adult things and we played till dusk.

I was playing with Mr and Mrs Reverend’s children, Alana and Bailey when I saw out the corner of my eye this rare figure in the window of Count Dracula’s Grand Hotel. This hotel had quite some mystery installed in its walls, but all would be exposed soon enough. I asked Alana if she too had seen the figure but as she examined the building, she declared that I was just trying to play games. But I wasn’t! There really was something inside the hotel and I was going to find out what! It was up to me and my friends.

A few Saturdays had passed and there was no suspicious activity at or even near the hotel. Maybe Alana was right maybe my mind had just been playing tricks. Until, there it was again but this time it was different. It was shaped abnormally and all the children from my street had heard this sinister scream coming from the hotel. We hurtled into the house and explained ourselves to all the parents but evidently, they denied that we saw anything. If only they knew. We all met across the road from Dracula’s Hotel and pondered about how we would search and define the hotel without our parents knowing. We crept silently to the floor with the window and then the door unlatched. One by one my friends slowly perished in front of my eyes. I was the only one there, or was I? I felt as if I was being watched and I was. NO! why me?

This is the story of October Vench who just managed to escape the clutches of me!


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